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Do I Need a Mobile Website? Where Do I Get One?

Date Added: December 20, 2011 04:41:11 PM
Category: Home Inspectors: Marketing


By now, most small business owners have a website or two.  In many cases, these are simple brochure sites that announce the existence of the business and give some basic information:


* About the Business
* About the Staff
* About the Product
* Contact Information (address, phone number...)


These sites are often written in static HTML and reside on a dot-com domain.


More recently, small business owners have begun to embrace the idea of maintaining a blog.  The problem with blogging is that it requires that one blog regularly.  Many of us find this to be a hurdle for a number of reasons:


* Limited time
* Limited writing skill
* Limited confidence in our writing skill


I'm guilty of all three of the above. 


As blogging has become more popular however, different blog-publishing software packages have come onto the market.  The most popular, by far, is an open source program called WordPress.  WordPress is a very robust system that includes much more than a simple blogging platform.


Now, with the rising popularity of smart phones, webmasters are aggressively redesigning for the small screen.   A website designed to fit on a device, accessed by a person engaged in other activities, walking or (heaven forbid) driving, for instance, must have a number of specific attributes.  Completely rebuilding a site, optimized for viewing on a mobile device is a significant task.  A number of factors play into the design criteria:


* Font size and color
* Format 
* Navigability


A WordPress plugin recently came out that adapts the content of the WordPress site to a smaller format.  This version of the site, while an improvement, is not optimal. 


A number of innovators have begun to develop methods for either adapting an existing site or creating a whole new site optimized for a hand-held device.  Katie Goggins and Beth Compton have been promoting an effective tool.



Here, at YadZooks, we have developed a mobile platform as well.  The entire YadZooks database of real estate professionals is now searchable at http://yadzooks.mobi.   Anyone with a profile on www.yadzooks.com can be found easily on a smart phone.


If you haven't logged on recently, you might want to take a minute to fill out your mobile profile.


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.  We hold an online workshop most Thursday evenings.   Stop in; you'll be glad you did.



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