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Facebook Check-in Marketing by Gary Smith & Hollis Brown

Date Added: December 05, 2011 06:00:17 AM
Author: YadZooks ProMart
Category: Home Inspectors: Marketing

I’ve moved this project a little farther down the track. I’m trying to create a platform from which, not only real estate agents would post their listings, but other professionals could promote themselves as well. I begin with the real estate agent, because that’s where it all starts. Once a consumer finds an agent and the agent helps them find a house, the rest of us fall into line: home inspectors, title companies, lenders, termite…


Take a look at the NW Washington community page wall. Note that the very first post at the very bottom of the page is a link to a place. A place is actually a fb page associated with a pin on the map. In order to post on the wall of a place, one has to actually be present at the place (or at least physically close by). So, I’m encouraging real estate agents to take advantage of this feature to announce their presence at a listing. It works like this:

  1. The listing agent arrives at the open house. 
  2. She Checks in to the place – The place should not be the house, but rather the subdivision. If the place already exists, good; if not, she creates it. 
  3. She announce, in the check-in, the address, end time and any other details of the open house. 
  4. She includes a picture in the check-in. 
  5. She tags anyone else there with her (partner, assistant…). 
  6. he check-in shows immediately in multiple locations: 
    a. The agent’s wall 
    b. The agent’s partner’s wall (or the wall of anyone else she tags) 
    c. The place 
  7. The place shows up on the cellphone of anyone driving by, especially someone looking for real estate, because the place has the keywords “real estate” in the name. These announcements include, not only a call to action (come visit my open house), but also turn-by- turn directions from wherever the person is physically located.


At this point in the process, the agent has invited her friends, her friends’ friends, her partner’s friends, her partner’s friend’s friends and anyone close by with a smart phone. Who does that leave out? The person who is neither physically close by nor is a fb friend, but who might be interested. So, we take it a step further:

  1. After checking in to the place, the agent shares the place on her company page. 
  2. She then shares a picture of the house right above the place on her company page.


She has now announced the open house to anyone who visits her company page. But what about people outside her social circle (sphere of influence)? That’s easy:

  1. Share the place on the community page wall. 
  2. Share the picture on the community page wall.


These steps spread the word, but the agent still needs the appealing message. This comes in the form of a video presentation. Most all agents now know to post video presentations of the house on their website, on the website about the house and on their fb page. We now invite them to post it one more place—the community page wall.


So where, you ask, does the home inspector factor into all this? It is the home inspector who creates and maintains the community. He never announces his presence. He just creates, admins and maintains the page. He posts enough relevant content to make the page visible and active as he continues to invite anyone and everyone (not just real estate professionals) to participate:

    1. Post your listings 
    2. Announce your events 
    3. Share your comments 
    4. Engage… build a community


Okay, but where is the BENEFIT to the home inspector? Note that there are directories of professionals on all the community pages. Each of these directories is a generic list of professionals in each category. As we drive traffic to these pages, we simultaneously create incentive for participation in the directories and for training on the method. Inspectors are always looking for one more topic to speak on to real estate sales meetings. So here we go. The home inspector can now position himself as the expert on check-in marketing as well as the support person for the directory.


Sorry for spending so much time explaining such a simple concept, but there it is: Facebook Check-in Marketing by Gary Smith and Hollis Brown.

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