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Profile :: Mike Crow


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Mike Crow - Texas Home Inspector

My life is so amazing right now. I was just able to take a month long trip with my wife and kids across the western side of the United States. I just had a swimming pool installed and paid cash for it. I am able to work with my oldest daughter and son and can work at my home so I can spend time with my younger daughter and son.

But it wasn't always so. There was a time when I went to a job that literally worked me over. It required me to work every holiday and since I was on salary it didn't matter how many hours I worked, and I worked a lot. People were promoted in front of me many times and I didn't understand why and some of my bosses really seem to see how far they could push me before I would quit. It was a challenging and painful time and a time when I was forced to make some tough decisions. Some of those decisions lead me to a number of discoveries. I couldn't believe what I was learning. I had gone to college and obtained a marketing degree with additional computer training and that didn't come near to helping me understand what was to come later.

It wasn't until I was willing to invest in myself and put some secrets into practice that I started to reap rewards that most people only dream about. I was lucky in some ways. I had a friend recommend a book to me that opened a door. Once inside that door I discovered the path to success and along that path because of mentors discovered that there were a number of secrets to being successful that they don't teach you in school. Since then I have owned and successfully ran three different businesses. All of which I sold and was able to walk away from with a better life. I feel so blessed by having been given this chance to do this. When I talk with other business owners I am surprised how many don't know even some of the basic secrets that lead me to these successes. After recently resigning from the last company I sold I wondered what I would do with my time. Then another door was opened in my life and I understood it was time to give back some and let others in on the steps that I took to success and show them how I accomplished this. This was quite a revelation as I learned while in business to hold these close to the breast so my competitors could not use them against me. Truth is that with these secrets I was able to create new ideas faster than they could keep up with, even when they did figure some of them out. So it is time. Time to share these secrets and help others to help themselves to some of the riches life has to offer. And now my life is so amazing and so terrific that I have to share it with you.



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Profile :: Mike Crow

Mike Crow
Millionaire Inspector Community
7120 Starnes Road
North Richland Hills, TX 76180
Phone 1: 800-211-3981
FAX: 817-577-3506
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Profile :: Mike Crow

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Bud Rozell Good Home Inspection Dallas, TX
Mike was a big reason that I got into the home inspection business.

Hank Richter HomePro Inspections of RI Coventry, RI
I have been working with Mike Crow and the Millionaire Inspector Community for a little over a year. I could not have helped my business expand and grow in all the areas it has without this group's expertise and help! If you want to be successful, you have to surround yourself with not only successful people, but successful people who are willing to help you grow!

Bruce Czech Colorado Professional Inspections Loveland, CO
I've known Mike since I attended my first ASHI convention, some time around 2002. I did a marketing class. In that 2 hours I learned more about the Home Inspection business than I leaned in the entire 1 week Home inspector class that I took to get started in this business. If you want to grow your business, turn your brain off and blindly follow this man. Give it a month. If you can't do this then I guess You know better and your bottom line shows it!!

David Hunter Hunter Home Inspections LLC Roswell, GA

Robert Hopkin Pro-Tec Inspection Services Poolesville, MD

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Profile :: Mike Crow

The following is a list of colleagues with whom I may have little more than a peripheral relationship. I strive to list competent ethical professionals. However, this listing should be construed as neither an endorsement nor a recommendation.

Hollis R. Brown ThoroSpec, LLC 703-754-8872

Gordon Fox Fox Inspection Group 713-723-3330

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Profile :: Mike Crow


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Profile :: Mike Crow


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